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He’s ever heard ofbefore and says well you can declarebankruptcy and discharge your debts andafter thinking about it for a while hecomes out of his office and he announcesto the entire office I declarebankruptcy and then they have to tell medoesn’t really work like that and Ithink the same thing here I mean doesthe state of North Carolina.

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just to getto stand up and say we declaresovereignty this board whatever it doesinvolve state sovereignty well imaginethe North Carolina Dental Board had madea law or made regulation saying they’rethe only ones who can sell candy bars inthe state of North Carolina why wellthey give you care to cavities andthat’s gentle okay too whimsical.

What ifthey passed a regulation saying thatonly state license dennis can selltoothbrushes and toothpaste now that’snot so crazy is it would that be anexercise of state sovereignty would itbe rather obvious why they had conferredupon themselves the exclusive authorityto sell dental hygiene products I thinkit would and so I think a lot of whatthe Supreme Court’s decision comes downto is when are the states in factexercise or one or state boards in factexercising state sovereignty and I wouldsay this that’s and that’s where we comeback to the constitutional.

Question thati started with earlier under oursomewhat any idiosyncratic understandingof the Constitution there are states arelimited in the ends that they can pursueand naked Lee competitive endsanti-competitive ends are not permittedand so not everything that a state doesis sovereign and in this case the NorthCarolina Dental Board was.

Not pursuing alegitimate state and they were pursuingan obviously private end which was thesuppression of competition and theenforcement of an anti-competitiveregulation does that fall within theantitrust laws you bet thank you thankyou for those compassion comments nowMisha katelyn from the west virginiaattorney general’s.

Officethat thank you I’m thrilled to be ableto speak here at the fair HeritageFoundation where I attended many talksback when I lived in Washington DCbefore I moved out to West Virginia likeCommissioner or housing I like toperform preference by saying.

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