Questions About Behavioral Healthcare You Should Answer Truthfully

Happen to people hows it that people can see things that aren’t there and hear voices that none of us can hear and most importantly whats it about these problems that make staking your own life by your own hand the preferred way to handle it rather than living with it I changed my major psychology I ultimately got a doctorate and ever since then that has been the kind of thing that I’ve been most interested in but the other thing Learned on that unit is that there are huge misconceptions out there about mental health and addictions I was full of them and I think they still persist today and that’s what.

I want to talk to you today about about three irrational beliefs that we have about mental illness and addiction but before we do that I’m curious to know how many people in the audience have ever had be entreated for heart disease or cancer please raise your hands thank you and we’re very glad you’re still here how many of you have been treated for mental illness or addiction thank you how many of you think I got more honest answer to the first question than the second you behavioral healthcare may be right and if you are right it’s because of the stigma that’s associated with mental illness and addiction and that’s the first thing that.

I want to talk to you about I don’t know what it is about stigma about these illnesses but we tend to believe that some illnesses are better than other sand the people that have them are better than others and I don’t really understand why but I suspect it has something to do with that we’ve all had various experiences in our lives and it’s through those experiences that we can understand what others go through we’ve all been happy and sad we’ve all been anxious and depressed and so when we hear someone talk about major depression it’s easy to say well you know I’ve had a bad day I know what that’s like how bad is it and.

I can tell you that to compare having a bad day to major depression is a bit like comparing paper cut to an amputation the World Health Organization has determined that major depression is the leading cause of disability in developed countries it is ahead of heart disease.